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Mission District

Art • San Francisco, California United States

About Mission District

Initially inhabited by the Ohlone people, then by the Spanish, which came here in the 1770s and built the foundation of what later became San Francisco. This "hipster paradise" is the center of Latino culture here.

Take a walk through this neighbourhood and you will gain an overview of San Francisco's history and cultural norms. This place has always been a home for those who were not widely accepted anywhere else - for example, one of the biggest LGBTQ communities in the US in the 1980s. Artists stroll down the streets at any time of the day and it is currently favoured by people dressed in boho style, drinking craft beer or espressos and visiting various theatres.

Examples of this free-spirited culture are the famous murals that cover numerous buildings. This public form of art gave this place its charm. The murals are created by world-class painters and aspiring beginners alike.

There are frequent festivals, carnivals, and parades taking place during any time of the year. Whether it is 24th Street Fair, San Francisco Food Fair, Party on Block 18, or Hunky Jesus Contest, everyone will find something for themselves.

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